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Claudine is a French-trained fashion designer and teacher who lived and worked in Canada and the United States for decades.


Returning to France to open Villa Amélie, she lives with her husband Claude-Philippe Barriere, a retired magistrate; icon painter and author in his spare time. Claudine enjoys meeting and getting to know people from all different cultures, local as well as foreign.


She is happy to provide you with advice and assistance to make your stay as pleasant as possible in beautiful and charming Villa Amélie.

History of the house

Gîte Villa Amélie Paris France, from past to present time


The Villa Amelie was one the first houses of its kind to be built in the vicinity after the war (1952) by Claudine’s father, Robert Thibault, aged 46 at the time. A master tiler (descended from Toussaint Thibault, a “Compagnon du Tour de France”, who established his craft in Saints in

1820), popular mayor and successful businessman, he installed his family in the house which he had designed by an architect to reflect the new prosperity and building techniques found in the Paris area after the war but keeping to the traditional lines of French architecture.

MAISON Années 50 après construction.JPG

In 1998, Claudine, its present owner, inherited the villa from her parents. Built from local materials - bricks and tiles from her father’s tile company and “meulières” (local stone) - the high quality of the original design has been updated to incorporate contemporary, including environmental, standards.


The house, with its large spaces and modern-day comforts combines the best of traditional and contemporary design. Regardless if you are a business person, a young visitor or three generations of the same family, you will feel perfectly at home at Villa Amelie.

5.hiver (2).JPG

You will enjoy yourself here, at Villa Amélie,

your home away from home !

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