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The tenant, known as the tenant, having reached his civil majority, with surnames, first names, professions and addresses of all the people who accompanied him and called to stay with him, including children whose ages will be specified:


Madame Claudine THIBAULT-BARRIERE,   residing and domiciled in BEAUTHEIL-SAINTS, 77120, n° 7, main street, known as the owner;


SECTION 1: The present provisions are valid as a seasonal or only rental contract for the accommodation of the tenant in the gîte composed of the two upper floors of the owner's house located in the town of BEAUTHEIL-SAINTS, at n°7 de la Grande Rue, this owner retaining the use of the premises located on the ground floor with independent entrances for each of the parties involved. The tenant can also access, as he sees fit, all the exteriors that surround the house and which are fenced on more than   3,000 m², with the possibility of parking several vehicles per access as well independent. The owner reserving only the square of garden which extends her house in its northern part.


SECTION 2: This rental will begin on…………………………………………….. at  …….. hours to end on………………… ………………………… at  ……… hours. In any event, the rental in question may never exceed three months.


SECTION 3: in no case can the owner be held liable by third parties for purposes other than tourism or only rental.


SECTION 4: the tenant designated above cannot under any circumstances claim any right to remain in the premises at the end of the rental stay as determined above.


SECTION 5: the tenant agrees: 1) to pay the owner a deposit of 35% (thirty-five percent) of the total amount of the rental, free of charge, upon his agreement. 2) to pay another sum equal to 35%, within 14 days of this first payment, free of charge, 3) then the balance, free of charge, when the keys are handed over. He further agrees to sign this contract on the occasion of the first payment of which he will keep a copy, it being understood that the agreement of the tenant has been noted on the total price of the rental fixed for the entire stay.

With, in addition, a tourist tax of €1.25 per day and per person over 18 years old, to be paid with the balance.

It is clearly specified, again, that beyond 5 people entering the rented premises, an indemnity of 10 € is payable per day and per person from the sixth.


SECTION 6: Under no circumstances and in no way will this contract be able to benefit a third party, whoever it may be, even partially, it being understood that in no case and in no way will the total amount of the persons accommodated in the premises rented can never exceed 9 people (maximum number of tenants accepted by insurers).


ARTICLE 7: For reservations made by mail, telephone or internet, the tenant does not benefit from the withdrawal period, in accordance with article L 121-21-8 of the consumer code relating in particular to accommodation services.


SECTION 8: Any cancellation presented on a date prior to entering the premises results in the reimbursement for the benefit of the tenant of the deposit of 35% paid on the general total of the rental, if this cancellation occurs 30 days before the scheduled date. for entering the premises.


SECTION 9: If this cancellation is presented between the thirtieth day and the fourteenth day of entry into the premises, the sum of 50% of the payment already made is refunded. If the cancellation occurs less than 14 days from the date of entry into the premises, no refund is made.


SECTION 10: If for any reason the stay is shortened by the tenant, the full price of the rental remains with the owner. Similarly, if the tenant does not show up at all and does not provide any credible justification, in the latter case the contract becomes void and the owner can dispose of her gîte. The paid installment remains acquired with the owner who will require, in addition, the balance of the hiring.


SECTION 11: An inventory is established jointly by the tenant and the owner on the occasion of the entry into the premises, with a state of these places, the whole being then compared with the state of exit of the places to determine, possibly, damage to or absence of objects initially identified. Eventually the damage will be assessed at the expense of the tenant as will be similarly assessed the market value of the missing objects.


SECTION 12: The state of cleanliness of the lodging on the arrival of the tenant must be noted in the inventory of fixtures. The cleaning of the rented premises is the responsibility  of this tenant throughout the rental period and until his departure. The amount of any cleaning costs is established on the basis of the calculation mentioned on the description sheet.

SECTION 13: Upon arrival of the tenant, a security deposit is requested by the owner. This security deposit is theoretically returned, except for damage to be assessed, therefore minus the cost of any repairs. In the event of early departure (even prior to the agreed date and time) the return of the security deposit is returned to a later date not exceeding 14 days.


SECTION 14: The tenant must present himself on the day and at the time agreed in this contract. In case of late or deferred arrival, the tenant must notify the owner.


ARTICLE 15: The tenant will have to ensure the peaceful character of the hiring and to make a use of it in conformity with the destination of the rented places.


SECTION 16: As it has already been said, and to comply with the prescriptions of the insurance contract, this rental is granted for a maximum capacity of 9 people (nine). If the number of incoming tenants exceeds this capacity, the owner may refuse the entry of additional persons to those referred to in this contract. Any modification or early termination of the contract will be considered as occurring at the initiative of the tenant.


SECTION 17: The presence of one or more animals, accompanying one or more tenants is strictly prohibited. This prohibition may intervene at the beginning or during the lease without any compensation of any kind for the benefit of the owners of these animals.


SECTION 18: All dates and periods included in this agreement are fixed according to the times indicated in the time zone of Paris (France).


SECTION 19: In accordance with articles L.616-1 and following of the consumer code, the parties to this contract agree to set up a consumer mediation system. The chosen mediation entity is: CNTM-MEDIATION DE LA CONSUMPTION. In the event of a dispute, the parties can file a declaration on the website of this organization:http://cnpm-mediation-consumption.EUor by post, by writing to CNPM-MEDIATION-CONSOMMATION.27 Avenue de la libération – 42400 SAINT CHAMOND.


SECTION 20 : For any damage, the tenant is required to take out a "VILLEGIATURE" type insurance contract for his various risks.


SECTION 21 : All complaints or disputes relating to the inventory of fixtures or the state of the description during a rental, must be submitted beforehand to the owner within a fortnight of the day of departure , penalty of foreclosure.

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